Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cartoons Inc. launches Toonmatic-1000

Cartoons Incorporated® is proud to present the newest and latest version of the Toonmatic series of INSTANT FREELANCE CARTOONS! Without further ado, and with much anticipation, I present to you..Toonmatic-1000!!
Yeah right! I wish it was as simple as pressing an easy button and having a big industrial sized machine pump out thousands of instant cartoons that are shipped right to your front door! But it's not. You still have to put in the time and sit infront of your computer for hours staring at your screen, draining your brain power trying to meet your deadline! If only there was a way to hook a usb chord straight from your head to the Toonmatic-1000 and have it print out all your cartoons, maybe one day. But in the mean time, the old fashioned way is gonna have to do for now!

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satya said...

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