Sunday, October 7, 2007

Creation of a Grizzzzley Bear!

As a cartoonist, I always wondered how other cartoonists were drawing and creating their cartoons!!
Well, here's a little look at how I draw and create mine. First, I'll draw a rough sketch on a drawing pad using a red pencil, and after I'm semi-satisfied with how it looks on paper, I'll then scan it into the computer. Then, I'll open it into Flash mx, create a second layer and draw over the top of my rough sketch. Thirdly, I'll put color and shading in. This I have to say is my favorite part of the whole cartoon drawing process, well besides being finished!


Zandra B. said...

I love your bear!.. I will stop by regularly to see more!

Scott Ball said...

That's a great, humorous design. It's very clean too and that's nice to see. Lovely!