Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cartoons Inc. & Shaggy Duck Studios

This cool cartoon logo was the very first successfull collaboration between Shaggy Duck Studios & Cartoons Inc. I initially thought I would be doing all the drawing and coloring for this logo, but it was later decided that I would just come up with the design, fill in the lines and send it over to Curtis who would then finish it by adding color and company logo along with other minor details needed for his client! The end result was really cool and looked similar to the finished logo above, I hope he doesn't mind, but I took the liberty to spice it up a bit by going back through it and giving it the Cartoons Inc. touch!! I used the original colors used by Curtis, but I put shading in, took out the mouse infront of the dog and added a thick black outer line around the outside of the animals!

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