Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brooke Ashley Legers Illustrations

I had to post these illustrations done by my 8 year old niece Brooke Ashley Leger, she gave them to me when I saw her this past weekend and I thought they were so good that I just had to post them on my blog. I wish I could say that I taught her everything she knows but this girl is so artistic that she doesn't need my help....I consider her to be the most talented eight year old artist I have ever come across. A while back I tried doing some business with her but she was way to busy into her work to deal with a small time cartoonist like me!!!..HAHA :) I think I also might hang on to these original drawings, because the way she's going, these sketches will be worth millions one day when she becomes a famous fashion designer!! I love you Brooke and keep up the good work! Uncle J!


Loni Edwards said...

Brooke, you have a wonderful talent! These are lovely! I really like the heart on the girl's shirt. My favorite butterfly is the purple and blue one. Nice job!

Giggles said...

Wow she is terrific!! I think it's wonderful that you support her talent!! Great job Brooke, can't wait to see more. Hope you set up a blog when you get older!!