Friday, July 25, 2008

"DOG" got Canned!

"How'z it bra!"....I don't know about anybody else, but I LOVED watching "DOG" the Bounty Hunter. Yeah I admit he was a little cooky, and times a little weird, but all in all it was a fun reality show to watch on tuesday nights! I just wish A&E stood by him and didn't drop him like a bad habit, he had a hit show for pete sake, I mean come on, everybody makes mistakes. In my opinion he did more good than bad and he deserves to have his show back. Well I've put in my two cents I hope you enjoy the drawing of my tribute to "DOG" the Bounty Hunter!


John Duckett said...

I love this! They actually decided to brink the show back. I think a new season started last Wednesday.

Jeff Lyng said...

"WHAT",...and I didn't know about it?!? Do you know if it aired on A&E again or a different network? Keep me posted John and thanks for the comment!

John Duckett said...

It's back on A&E.