Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cartoons Inc. Drawing Contest!

In honor of Drawing day 09', Cartoons Inc. is having its first official drawing contest! I have had a number of people say they would like to colaborate, which gave me this idea. Below will be posted a sketch I have done. Your job is to take it and make it your own. It needs to be inked and colored in your own style, in your own way! How is this different from say Illustration Friday and other weekly drawing communities you ask??? I will pick the winner and that person will not only recieve the $100 prize, their finished product will be posted on my blog as the chosen winner for that week. So that is how Cartoons Inc. is different, you get paid for your time and art!!! I believe that if an artist creates a winning illustration, he or she should be paid for their time! Just click the image to enlarge it, and then paste into whichever drawing program that you use and then submit it with the subject reading: Contest Art!

Sketch by:
Cartoons Inc.
Contest rules:
To be eligable, you must be a follower of Cartoons Inc. if not already!
You must have your artwork submitted by the June 13th deadline
You must have it fully inked and colored ( doesn't have to be done digitally)
I will still own all rights to the image (I'm just paying to have it illustrated!)
Have fun with it at all times!
Winner will be announced and paid on June 15th via Paypal!


Squirrel Girl said...

ahhh this sounds FUN!!! Im in!!! Hey I was just dropping by to say thanks for the dragon pencil link. Are you an artist for them? I was thinking of submitting some artwork. How many pieces do you recommend sending them? It looks like a great place to start!!

John said...


Did I just say Dude...never mind, but anyway....... hey if I don't win can I post my pig on my blog? I gotta check out the dragon pencil link

John :)

What About Bob ? said...

Great idea! I think this could really catch on!! Good luck Jeff!

Squirrel Girl said...

Ok I submitted my link! YAYYYY!!!

Anonymous said...

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